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Domestic and Nominated Subcontractor Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Domestic and Nominated Subcontractor - Essay Example Domestic Subcontractor Domestic subcontractor is one whose selection and appointment is completely taken care by the main contractor. The employer plays no part in the selection or the appointment process except for giving consent to the selection and appointment if it is required under the contractual agreement between the employer and main contractor1. Roles and Responsibilities of Employer The roles and responsibilities of an employer with respect to a domestic subcontractor are very limited. The complete responsibility of a domestic subcontractor lies on the main contractor. The employer will play no role in the selection and appointment of a domestic subcontractor, until and unless it is required by the terms and conditions in the agreement. The employer shall be responsible for the subcontractor only if it is stated with a particular condition in the contract. Nominated Subcontractor As per the FIDIC 1999 red book, the definition of a nominated subcontractor is as follows: â₠¬Å"Nominated Subcontractor† means a subcontractor: a) Who is stated in the contract as being a nominated subcontractor, b) Whom the engineer, under the clause 13 [Variations and adjustments] instructs the contractor to employ as a subcontractor2. Nominated subcontractor is one where the employer approves, selects or nominates a contractor to carry out a specific task or a subcontract. In order to understand the roles and responsibilities of the employer with respect to a nominated subcontractor, it is first necessary to understand the reasons behind using such a system. There are numerous benefits associated with nominating a subcontractor for an employer. One of the main benefits is that the process of nominated subcontractor gives the employer certain control over the selection of suppliers or subcontractors. This control over the choice and the required performance from the subcontractor ensures certain level of quality for the employer. This privilege is without having to be directly involved with the subcontractor. The choice of subcontractor is entirely rested with the employer even though the main contractor needs to approve the subcontractor. Another benefit is that the employer need not get into any contractual agreement with the subcontractor. This is because the nominated subcontractor will enter into a contract with main contractor and not the employee directly. Hence, the employer will not have any contractual arrangements with the nominated subcontracts. Also there are other reasons that might be responsible for the nomination of a subcontractor such as the proven track record of nominated subcontractor, low pricing or high quality or even certain combination of the two, long term relationship between the employer and subcontractor, etc. The employer can also have a say in the terms and conditions of the subcontractor such as pricing and scope of work. One of the specific situations, where nominated subcontractors are used is when there is a need for a subcontractor to start working prior to the appointment of a main contractor. Such a situation would arise when a specialist task takes more time to complete than the actual construction programme. Hence, in such situations it becomes very beneficial to use a nominated subcontractor. Roles and Responsibilities of Employer Following are the roles and res

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An Analysis of the Movie Syriana Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

An Analysis of the Movie Syriana - Essay Example From the research it is clear Quicksand is an academic book written by one Geoffrey Wawro. The author’s academic background on military matters and the long-term experience as a teacher of the Naval War College grants him an ability to write from a political perspective. He gives a historical perspective of the incidences that have been pioneered by the American government in the Middle East and relates the incidences to the political and economic significances that are the driving forces behind the involvements. This paper seeks to give an analysis of the movie Syriana and in turn give a relation between the main theme communicated by the movie and the propositions given by Wawro in his book Quicksand. As the study presents Syriana is a 2005 film written by Stephen Gaghan. The film focuses on the interplay that exists between political and economic drivers in the world today. The influences of the United States in the oil industry are addressed in the movie. The movie begins with a major US oil company, Connex, losing drilling rights to a Chinese company in the Middle East oil fields in a kingdom ruled by the Al-Subaai family. This turns out to be a great disappointment to US oil industry. Connex, therefore, settles on establishing a merger with Killen, a comparatively smaller oil company that has recently won the rights to drill oil in Kazakhstan. The position of Connex in the oil industry is hence greatly affected and its position in the world among the oil drilling companies drops to twenty-three.

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Sexual Harassment at the Workplace Essay -- Sexual Harassment in the Wo

Harassment and Discrimination at the Work Place Three repair workers at the Facilities Management Division of the Lee County jail filed a series of harassment and discrimination claims after being repeatedly harassed and discriminated by nine co-workers for over three years. After an extensive investigation by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), it was determined that there was sufficient evidence to file a claim in federal court. Now, the United States Justice Department has filed a claim against Lee County in Florida costing tax payers thousands if not, millions of dollars. This is an example of how thriving companies can suffer an unexpected harassment or discrimination lawsuit which can cost them thousands of dollars affecting their bottom line as well as their reputation. As an independent human resources consultant, Santiago-Santos will organize a local education campaign and provide employers with different trainings to educate them and their employees about harassment and discrimination. Educating business owners and their employees is key for reducing the number of claims being filed due to harassment and discrimination. Harassment and discrimination can affect a business in many ways. Having a history of harassment and discrimination claims can damage a business’ reputation and affect its bottom line. It can cost the business current and future clients as well as investors and employees. Depending on the gravity of the claim(s), the process of settling the claim(s) can take anywhere from months to years. Meanwhile, the cost of the settlement and other fees continue to add up. A business might have to compensate the affected parties besides paying court fees and lawyers. The Equal Employment Opportu... ...s, organizing a local campaign wish will provide training about harassment and discrimination for local business will help build a healthier community and possibly improve the local economy. References Clark, C. S. (1991, August 9). Sexual harassment. CQ Researcher, 1, 537-560. Retrieved from Glazer, S. (1996, July 19). Crackdown on sexual harassment. CQ Researcher, 6, 625-648. Retrieved from Kane-Urrabazo C. (2007). Sexual harassment in the workplace: it is your problem. Journal of Nursing Management, 15(6), 608-613. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2834.2007.00725.x U.S. justice department sues lee county over discrimination accusations. (2012, February 06). Naples Daily News. Retrieved from

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How Does Shakespeare Use Representations of Speech and Other Dramatic Effects to Introduce Iago’s Character?

Shakespeare portrays Iago’s character in the play ‘Othello’ with villainous content by using dramatic effects and specific representations of speech in order to engage the audience to witness this deceitful, dishonest and disturbing man. Iago portrays himself as an innocent and rejected man with the use of powerful and emotive language such as ‘despise me’ and ‘abhor me. ’ The abrupt language used by Iago enables the audience to witness his disgust after Roderigo accuses him of withholding some information from him about his own finances.Iago acts the innocent and threatened character by stating ‘if ever I did dream of such a matter, / Abhor me. ’ The phrase ‘abhor me’ is a use of hyperbole used by Iago, where he exaggerates the issue of not being trusted by Roderigo. Here, the audience is able to see how Iago exaggerates things to a great level and it allows them to believe Iago will behave in this way for the m ajority of the play.Connotations of jealousy are revealed frequently throughout the play, especially within Iago’s first speech between himself and Roderigo, of how he was dismissed as lieutenant in favour of ‘Michael Cassio, a Florentine-/ A fellow almost damned in a fair wife. ’ Here, Iago claims that Cassio will have a wondering eye and is likely to stray from his job, proving how untrustworthy he is. He claims Cassio ‘nor the division of a battle knows/ More than a spinster, unless the bookish theoric. Shakespeare’s powerful use of imagery and asyndetic listing here, when Iago refers Cassio to a ‘spinster,’ reveals connotations of him being an inexperienced soldier as much as a spinster woman is inexperienced in love. The use of asyndetic listing also infers jealousy as Iago is listing the many reasons why Cassio should not have been promoted. The term ‘bookish theoric,’ refers Cassio to be an inexperienced and unknowled geable man on the battlefield, except from the theory he learnt about war in books.Here, the audience can witness Iago’s jealousy, which foreshadows the vengeful acts he performs later on upon certain characters within the play. Juxtaposition is also used when Iago describes to Roderigo the many reasons why Cassio should not be lieutenant, as he claims Cassio’s soldiership is ‘Mere prattle without practice’ compared with he who is ‘worth no worse a place,’ claiming he deserves no lower rank than lieutenant and subordinate to Cassio. This, aswell as showing jealousy, reveals Iago’s blunt arrogance towards being cast aside for the promotion. This may enable the reader to both take pity on him and understand his upset of being verlooked, or disagree completely and believe he is too confident for his own good. Shakespeare introduces Iago as a master of manipulation in the sense that he dominates the conversation when speaking to Roderigo.Th is may be because Roderigo is seen as Iago’s right hand man and is easily manipulated into believing and sympathising with Iago because of the way Othello treated him. In response to Iago’s speech that is full of connotations of jealousy and deceit about the dismissal of the promotion, Roderigo responds by stating ‘by heaven, I rather would have been his hangman. This enables the audience to see how honourable and trusting Roderigo is to Iago as he does not question the latter of how he may be wrong and also does not judge Iago’s aggressive nature towards Cassio and his experience in battle. The metaphorical use of the phrase ‘I rather would have been his hangman,’ is largely ironic as this, again, foreshadows Iago’s actions later on within the play upon those who, in particular Othello, deceived him. Aswell as the manipulation Iago empowers over Roderigo, he also has a financial hold upon him.Roderigo uses the simile ‘as if the s trings were thine,’ where he states that Iago has been using his money as if it were his own. In response to Roderigo’s accusation, Iago replies by saying ‘Sblood, but you will not hear me. ’ Instead of apologising to Roderigo for abusing his trust in looking after his money, he accuses Roderigo of not listening to him. It is here that Iago begins his long speech revealing his jealousy and he was betrayed, allowing the topic of the theft of the money to be forgotten.Shakespeare allows the audience to witness another vengeful side to Iago where he says the promotion seems to stem from favouritism and academic prowess rather than seniority, in which he believes there is no reason to love the moor. After Roderigo claims he would ‘not follow [the Moor],’ Iago responds by saying he will ‘follow [Othello] to serve [Iago’s] turn upon him,’ meaning he will eventually get his own back and will not ‘truly’ follow him due to the pain and deceit this has caused him. The phrase ‘Were I the Moor, I would not be Iago’ infers that Iago would not want to be himself if he were the Moor as he is of lower status.Iago would also not be true to himself he were sucked into the Moor’s ways, so he would continue to serve Othello, but will conceal his true feelings. Shakespeare also portrays Iago’s bitter behaviour when he declares to Roderigo, ‘in following him, I follow but myself,’ meaning he will look after his own interests instead of doing what is best by the Moor, which also portrays him as a self-serving character. His self-serving character is proven in the scene two when informing Othello of Roderigo spreading foul reports about the general. He claims Roderigo ‘spoke such scurvy and provoking terms against [Othello’s] honour.Iago’s double dealing nature proves he is untrustworthy, deceitful and a trouble stirrer, which is ironic as previously he was speaking of how he was treated unkindly and believed Othello was the deceitful person within the issue of the lieutenant promotion. The manipulative power Iago has over Roderigo must be strong if he is unaware of the great stirring Iago is conducting behind his back. Iago’s true representation is best portrayed by Shakespeare with the use of degrading, vulgar and taboo language in order to cause trouble when informing Brabantio of Desdemona’s deceitfulness in order to take revenge upon Othello.Upon arriving at his house, Iago orders Roderigo to ‘poison [Brabantio’s] delight†¦ incense her kinsmen†¦ Plague him with flies†¦ throw such changes of vexation. ’ These dynamic imperatives reveal connotations of rather harsh pain, suffering and destruction, enables the reader to visualise the two men trying to cause much distress, worry and anger to Brabantio before informing him of his daughter’s disappearance. Iago can be seen as a very self-centred character as the revenge he wants to be conducted upon Othello, means another person, Brabantio, will also be hurt during this vengeful act.It also shows how Iago enjoys causing much chaos and mayhem amongst people to witness their reactions for entertainment, and to possibly show he does not want to be the only character who has been deceived. After Brabantio calls out to the two men, Iago immediately uses his vulgar language to explain who Desdemona is with when stating ‘you have lost half your soul†¦ an old black ram is tupping your white ewe. ’ At first Iago portrays his sorrow towards the senator when saying ‘you have lost half your soul’ as if he pities him. The vulgar description ‘an old black ram is tupping your white ewe’ reveals rather degrading and racist imagery.The ‘black ram’ is in reference to the moor, portraying him to be a dirty, old man who is having relations with a pure and innocent â⠂¬Ëœwhite ewe’ which is in reference to Desdemona. The audience can see that this use of zoomorphism infers rather negative qualities about the moor before he has even been introduced into the play. The use of zoomorphism occurs often throughout the first act when Iago graphically describes the sexual relationship between Desdemona and Othello to her father. Iago states to Brabantio that his ‘daughter and the Moor are now making the beast with two backs. The constant use of animalistic imagery and reference to specific animals, infers that the two characters are having a very sexual relationship and may not be together for love. This phrase is also a use of antithesis as the ram and ewe differ completely, similarly to how Desdemona and Othello differ in race and ethnicity. The degrading language used reveals Iago’s total disregard for Brabantio’s feelings and status in society, proving once again the manipulative nature Iago has and the enjoyment he receiv es when causing someone else great distress.Shakespeare also uses religious imagery within the play when Iago declares to Brabantio: ‘the devil will make a grandsire of you. ’ This imagery can also be seen as racial as the devil was often depicted as black, which proves he is referring Othello to the devil. Once Brabantio finds his daughter is in fact missing from his house, Iago decides this is the time to flee, showing his distrust to Roderigo by leaving him to fend for himself.He claims ‘it seems not meet, nor wholesome to my place, to be produced†¦ against the moor,’ where he means he cannot be seen by Brabantio as it may threaten his official position if he is brought forward as a witness against the Moor. Iago, and his double dealing ways, tells Roderigo that he ‘must show out a flag and sign of love. ’ The metaphor used by Iago here, conveys to the audience that Iago will support Roderigo from a distance but will not support him in person, but he later informs Othello of Roderigo’s supposed deceitful ways.Shakespeare uses a variety of different language techniques in order to portray Iago’s villainous character with such content. Zoomorphism is used frequently when Iago is referring to Othello which shows his racist and vulgar language, especially when describing the sexual relationship between Desdemona and Othello. The audience is able to see how Iago revels in the mayhem and distress he causes amongst characters including Brabantio. This shows the cruel and manipulative streak he has.

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Bp Deep Water Horizontal Explosion - 3148 Words

INTRODUCTION BP originated from a British petroleum company founded in 1909. After experiencing crises during the 1980s-1990s, the company started to have a cost cutting culture. During mid-1990s, with an aggressive growth strategy, BP started to grow and reposition. After BP merged with Amoco in 1998, John Browne started to serve as chief executive until May 2007. Browne repositioned BP as a â€Å"green† oil company after he took over and practiced the model of organizational decision-making strategy, known as â€Å"asset federation.† Under this new strategy, onsite asset managers had the authority to make decisions, and employees’ compensation was directly tied to asset performance (Ingersoll et. al, 4). Many decisions made by John Browne were†¦show more content†¦Mark Hafle, one of BP’s drilling engineers even claimed the cement job was working fine at court (Ingersoll et. al, 16). The drilling engineers of the Macondo project were warned about potential risks, but they willfully ignored the warnings and insisted everything would work fine. Such bias and rationalized behavior of drilling engineers just added another warning sign to the explosion of Deepwater Horizon. Secondly, BP’s business relationships are complex, and the legitimate priorities often conflict (Crews). BP’s failure to prevent the explosion was due in part to complex partnership. BP held the rights to drill using the rig and operation services leased from Transocean. As a result, â€Å"of the 126 people aboard the Deepwater Horizon, 79 were from Transocean, seven were from BP, and the rest were from other firms† (Ingersoll et. al, 1). People serving on Deepwater Horizon came from different organizations. A decision making process involved many authorities, which decreased the efficiency and effectiveness of decision-making. Even though BP maintained main operational authority, only six percent of people aboard the Deepwater Horizon rig were from BP. As an important business partner of BP, Transocean provided the equipment and performed the majority of the work, and thereafter it had some authority over operations and maintenance. The complex business partnership caused seriousShow MoreRelatedOffshore Oil Drilling and the Deepwater Horizon Spill of the Gulf of Mexico1591 Words   |  7 Pagesand pushed the exploration of oil away from shores (CITE). With its historical background, offshore oil drilling is one of the most important aspects of today’s economy although we are faced with its risks and consequences, such as the BP Deepwater Horizon explosion of the Gulf of Mexico. Offshore oil drilling is known as a power-driven process where a wellbore is penetrated through the seabed to extract petroleum oil hydrocarbons that â€Å"lie in rock formations beneath the seabed† (CITE). This processRead MoreThe Oil Industry And Fossil Fuels Essay1995 Words   |  8 Pagesfreeing the natural gas that’s trapped inside† (Ehrenberg). Although, the use of hydraulic fracturing has been around for nearly three quarters of a century the impact of unlocking vast stores of inaccessible natural gas was not made possible until horizontal drilling was combined with this approach. Rachel Ehrenberg states that, â€Å"Today hydraulic fracturing is used in about nine our of ten onshore oil and gas wells in the United States, with an estimated 11,400 new wells fractured each year. In 201,Read MoreBp Sustainability Essay28986 Words   |  116 PagesSustainability Review 2010 2 A letter from our group chief executive / 4 How BP is changing 6 Gulf of Mexico oil spill / 14 How we operate / 22 Energy future 30 Safety / 34 Environment / 38 Society Within hours of the Deepwater Horizon accident, BP teams were working to stop the leak. We also acted to minimize the spill’s impact on the environment by containing, removing and dispersing oil offshore, protecting the shoreline and cleaning up oil that came ashore. And weRead MoreHydraulic Fracturing4405 Words   |  18 Pagesbeen a source of debate in recent years. Often referred to as â€Å"fracking,† this controversial process involves injecting vast amounts of water, sand and chemicals deep into the ground at high pressure to crack the shale and release the natural gas trapped within. Critics fear the process endangers the public water supply because well drilling goes through the water table which exposes it to both the gas itself and the chemicals used to free it. Proponents refute many of these claims and discredit environmentalRead MoreHydraulic Fracking Essay15746 Words   |  63 Pagesconsumption of our current resources such as clean water and sand. In t his paper we will â€Å"drill† deeper into the process of hydro fracturing. We will give a description of the process. We will discuss the political, sociological and environmental effects of fracking along with the benefits and drawbacks associated with the process. We will discuss the history of fracking, along with different items used in the fracking process including sand, water, proppants and chemicals. We will also discuss newRead MoreEvaluating The Economic Impacts Of Pipeline Useage On The Texas10470 Words   |  42 Pagesweight of equal volumes of a crude oil and pure water at standard conditions). In laboratory measurement of specific gravity, it is customary to assign pure water a measurement of 1; substances lighter than water, such as crude oil, would receive measurements less than 1. The petroleum industry, however, uses the American Petroleum Institute (API) gravity scale, in which pure water has been arbitrarily assigned an API gravity of 10 °. Liquids lig hter than water, such as oil, have API gravities numericallyRead MoreManaging Information Technology (7th Edition)239873 Words   |  960 PagesBusiness at Indiana University, the EDS Corporation, British American Tobacco, SAP-America, Teradata Corporation, the Center for Information Systems Research at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, and the Society for Information Management (SIM). Our deep appreciation goes out to the reviewers of the sixth edition, who helped make the seventh edition better: T.C. Bradley, III, Indiana University; Chiang-Nan Chao, St. John’s University; Abbas Foroughi, University of Southern Indiana; Richard GramRead MoreHbr When Your Core Business Is Dying74686 Words   |  299 PagesLomb. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66 Becker . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66 Boeing. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58, 100, 124 BP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100 CA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100 Canon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Read MoreManagement Course: Mba−10 General Management215330 Words   |  862 Pagesimprovement involving entirely better ways of working. It recognizes that what one measures effectively, one is most likely to lead and manage effectively. Intel’s emphasis on new work flow forms of development and operation triggered fundamental explosions in the way in formation technology is successfully created and produced. Toyota’s emphasis on management processes that solve small problems quickly—fully as much as they solve large ones—has provided it with an enormous competitive advantage inRead MoreContemporary Issues in Management Accounting211377 Words   |  846 Pagesto operate internal markets that might achieve a range of objectives more eYciently than traditional management control approaches. His Wrst example involved an application of market trading principles to the problem, faced by British Petroleum plc (BP), of how to achieve a commitment to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 10 per cent. Malone acutely sketched the problems of a traditional approach to cascading such a reduction target through the hierarchy. There would be claims (both heart-felt

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The Complex Variety Of Stimuli We Constantly Encounter Essay

Abstract Our uniqueness in solving problems and forming an understanding of the complex variety of stimuli we constantly encounter is a defining feature of human experience. A very powerful problem-solving tool is known as the Mental Set and takes place largely at an unconscious level. Mental sets increase the problem solving success rate for related problems by enlisting a mental framework that recycles methods that proved successful for solving similar problems in the past. Conversely, the mental set inhibits the success of similar problems that require a slightly different method to be solved. Once in a mental set, it is difficult to find a solution for a novel problem. Mental sets vary in the intensity and duration in which they inhibit an individual’s creativity for solving novel problems. The mental processes that allow for mental sets have long been viewed as static. Recent research involving transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and transcranial direct-current stimulation (tD CS) has provided support that these processes are actually quite dynamic and capable of being influenced in a laboratory setting. Dissolving a mental set with these aforementioned procedures has also been shown to temporarily induce savant skills. I propose that Keywords: It is well known that individuals with savant syndrome and autistic spectrum disorder have some degree of hemispheric imbalance. This imbalance has been shown to be an inhibition of the left hemisphere and aShow MoreRelatedSupporting Literacy for All Children1014 Words   |  5 PagesThere is no doubt our educational system is more complex than ever before. There is much to consider when looking at the balance between theories, proven methods, and the reasons why we chose to invest such time into our children’s education. In this paper I will touch on these theories, methods and the importance of the education. There are many theories surrounding education and what lies within our biological functions that can effect how we learn as human beings. Our book, Creating LiteracyRead MoreMetaphors of Organization2431 Words   |  10 PagesGareth Morgans Metaphors of Organizations Introduction Metaphors help simplify complex concepts by integrating an already know term to a new term, therefore making it more comprehensible to the readers. In his book, Images of Organization, Gareth Morgan (2006) simply applied metaphors in bringing to our understanding the different perspectives and faces of organizations (Bottero, K, 2013) This paper would pinpoint and attempt to examine the major metaphoric postulations ofRead MoreA Leaders Framework to Decision Making5351 Words   |  22 Pageswould literally be four people coming at me with logistics and media issues all at once,† he recalls. â€Å"And in the midst of all this, we still had a department that had to keep running on a routine basis.† Though Gasior was ultimately successful in juggling multiple demands, not all leaders achieve the desired results when they face situations that require a variety of decisions and responses. All too often, managers rely on common leadership approaches that work well in one set of circumstances butRead MoreThe Stages of Childhood Development2947 Words   |  12 Pagesdevelopment †¢ Psychosocial development †¢ Cognitive development †¢ Language development 1.2.1 Motor development As a child grows, the nervous system turns into more mature. When this happens, the child becomes capable of performing more and more complex actions. The rate at these motor skills come out is sometimes a worry for parents whether their children are developing these abilities at an ordinary rate or not. As stated above these rates may differ somewhat. However, almost all children beginRead MorePerception and Inter-Cultural Communication6876 Words   |  28 Pagesperception. Perception is the means by which we make sense of our physical and social world. That is to say, it is the process by which we become aware of objects, events, and especially people and their behavior through our various senses: sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. In this process, we meditate our information about and knowledge of our external physical and social world and thus form our own images of that world. Perception is about the way in which we think about the outside world and canRead MoreAn Investig ation of Customer’s Perception and Expectation of Services in Pension Fund Administration (Pfa) in Nigeria (a Study of Pfa Customers in Enugu)21541 Words   |  87 Pagesanother that are essentially intangible and does not result in the ownership anything. Service Encounter: this is the point(s) where a customer interacts with a service provider. Customer Expectation: this is beliefs about service delivery that function as standards or reference points against which performance is judged. Perception: this is the process of selecting, organizing and interpreting stimuli into a meaningful and cohesive whole. Customer Perception: These are ways consumers evaluateRead MoreEffects of Motivation on Employees’ Job Performance in an Organization3511 Words   |  15 Pagesjob well enough to obtain a better status, needs an effort by even spending time working for different political parties (Koontz, O’donnell and Weihrich 1986). Definitely, these sum up the idea that motivation is not a simple concept, it is indeed complex. It is the manager’s task to direct individuals so they can satisfy their needs as much as possible while they strive to accomplish the objectives of the organization. To do this, managers utilize motivational theories. There are numerous waysRead More10 Years Old Children Prefer to Watch Cartoons Rather Than Other Tv Shows7337 Words   |  30 Pagesnowadays. It is of great importance because of many reasons. One of them being because thanks to them information can be spread throughout the world in a matter of seconds. In a way this type of media unites the world more than anything, especially when we talk about the TV. For sure in most houses of every country, there is a TV present. And as in most families, there are also children present. Now, what happens if you unite both, TV and children? Well what you get is an excellent way of distractingRead MoreLearning Styles Essay4126 Words   |  17 Pagesmy own success in meeting the needs of the students. 1.1 Why? The information provided in this assignment will allow me a better understanding of the variety of ways a student can learn. This will impact on my future as it will allow me to become a more successful classroom practitioner and allow me to recognise and cater for a variety of styles in my teaching resulting in more enthused, able and satisfied students. 2. Definition of learning Before one can discuss concepts of learningRead MoreNursing Theory of Imogene King5964 Words   |  24 Pagesmodel- | |made up of concepts and propositions | |They epresent ways of thinking about a problem or ways of representing how complex | |things work the way that they do. | |Different Frameworks will emphasize different variables and outcomes and their | |interrelatedness.( Bordage, 2009)